Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Microsoft Quiz

Windows Web App Gallery & SEO Toolkit - Quiz (source: Microsoft)

1. What do you need to install to get all the web development stuff?
a. Microsoft Web Platform Installer
b. Microsoft Office 2010
c. Microsoft Silverlight
d. Microsoft ASP.NET

2. What does the Microsoft Web Platform Installer contain?
a. ASP.NET 4 & Silverlight tools
b. SQL Server 2008 Express
c. IIS 7 & Extensions, IIS FastCGI
d. All of the above

3. Which is the program that offers free licenses for Web Professionals
b. TechNet
c. WebsiteSpark
d. DreamSpark

4. Where can you find and install the most popular web apps from
a. Windows Web App Gallery
c. TechNet
d. www.iis.net

5. Which of the following is not required for web development in Microsoft
b. Windows Presentation Foundation
c. IIS
d. Windows Server

6. Which of the following is an open source content management system provided through the Web gallery
a. Tiger
b. Joomla
c. Leapord
d. Tarantula

7. Which of the following is a blogging and publishing platform offered through the Web gallery
a. SQL Server
b. SQL Azure
c. WordPress
d. Word

8. Which of the following is database ideal for small and medium web apps
a. SQL Server
b. Enterprise Server
c. BizTalk Server
d. SQL Express

9. What is the free search engine optimization tool released by Microsoft
a. SQL Analyzer
b. Data Researcher
c. SEO Toolkit
d. Server Manager

10. Collectively what do you need to install to get the web platform and popular web applications
a. Web Platform Installer
b. Web Database Manager
c. Web Program Manager
d. Website Manager

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