Friday, July 10, 2009

Are you the dream employee?

My MBA course nearing completion and the most important moment has come- the placements. Thanks to the current financial crisis, it’s turning into nervous 2009 for us. But we are in upbeat mood and gearing up to face the challenges. We are very clear in what we expect- a career with challenge, opportunity, satisfaction, a strong work ethic and an attractive compensation and benefits package. We spend time and effort to prepare ourselves for the interviews without understanding what the company and the job demands. Then somewhere during the road we find mutual trust falling and our moral going down. Employees tend to forget that they have an obligation to produce the results that will generate more profits to the company.

Corporations invest money in their employees and expect employee loyalty in return. We expect company to have family-like relation with employees, so there is nothing wrong when company expect same kind of relationship in return. Right attitude is the key to success. Attitudes are important because they affect job behavior and efficiency. Sometime, going may be tough but its important not to forget that we work for a customer and a good employee attitude towards the company creates a positive effect upon the customer.

I have tried here to bring few points, which would help to maintain right relation between employee and organizations:

1. Follow your passion not paycheck: Look for the jobs that will meet your conditions, if you are in a job that meet your personal passions, priorities and desires, you will have a natural enthusiasm for the job.

2. Have a career coach: Make someone whom you trust as your career coach. You should be open enough to discuss personal matters to her. Both of you should be able to evaluate career options to meet your true priorities, passions and needs.

3. Continual learning: Always keep yourself abreast with latest developments happening in your area of work. Be innovative and keep improving the process which you are working on. This will keep you to stay motivated.

4. Avoid “flight-to-escape” mentality: Changing job only to escape bad conditions may not help. You may be running away from the problems, but facing it with positive attitude will help to improve yourself and develop your overall personality.

5. Talk to your current organisation: You should consider discussing with your managers or HR managers about your concerns. Most companies have ombudsperson; you can also consider option to approach them. But never create negative vibration in the work environment.

6. Opt for another career: It helps to leave the current employment on good terms if you have found an employment that will create more positive career situation.

I don’t mean everything is good with the company always as is the case with any family. There is should be enough discussions and thoughts given from both the sides before any tough decisions are taken. Quitting is not an option to be ruled out but it should be the last option. We all want to work for a “dream company”, but seldom we have asked this question to ourselves- “Am I the dream candidate for the company?”

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