Friday, January 11, 2008

Muthu Marathon 2008

Salem Road Map

Wow what a great run it was! My second Half Marathon and that too within one month of the first one. I am talking about the 'Muthu Marathon 2008' conducted by Konganapuram Sports club on Sunday Jan 6th. Konganapuram is a beautiful village in Salem district.

I left Bangalore on Saturday Jan 5th by train for SankiDurg (a place around 12 KM from Konganapur). I boarded Ernakulam Intercity train at 6:30am from Cantt railway station and reached the Sankidurg station at 11:00 am.
My Journey
The journey was good and the places which I saw along were amazing, I was convinced that I am going to have a nice time.

Sankidurg Railway station

I had my lunch at a small hotel in Sankidurg.
I reached the AGN School, Kongapuram at around 12:30 pm- I was going to spend my night here.

AGN School

I got a nice and warm reception. I came to know this run from Nitin, we met at the school for the first time. He is a fabulous guy and it was great meeting him, very enthusiast. He had come there with his family.
Me getting ready for RUN
Next day morning, we left the AGN school at around 6:30am for the starting point of the Marathon.

view of starting point

The starting point was Vaikuntham [Seliamman Temple] (about 20KM south of Salem on Salem->Coimbatore road) and the finishing point was KAN Govt School [on SH86 road - Sankagiri to Edappidi road].

The route map

The race started at around 8:15am. The track was through a number of villages and mostly on asphalted roads. The people were so friendly, they used to serve us with lemon water on the way and it was just amazing to see their excitement.
Whhattte View

The climated was warm and running through hilly places is not easy but the two things which kept me running was, the beauty of the place- it was so greeeen and simply superb and the warmth of the villagers- they served us with water on the way which kept my body hydrated and me legs moving. Finally I reached the KAN school the finishing point. It took me about 2hrs and 17min to complete. It was no doubt a fantastic run and I am glad I participated. I hope to return next year as well. The organisers and volunteers were amazing. Everything was great.
Prize distribution (man in yellow t-shirt is the winner)
At around 11am there was a small function at the KAN school. People talked and thanked the sponsors, prizes were given to the winner. I dont remember the winner's name but he was from a neighbouring village. I left the school after my lunch which was marvellous like everything else. I took the same train on return and reached Cantt station at around 9:30pm. Over all it was a great trip and one of my best weekend.
Waiting for the train- way back to Bangalore


kav said...

WOW !! Looks like you sure had a lot of fun swapi ! :-)
The place looks really beautiful...good that you put in all those lovely pics ! BTW, You didn't go by bike with your friend ?

Abhilasha said...

Hey Swapnil ! Congratulations on completing the second one :-):-)
the place is also cool....

Now Target Full Marathon !!! All the Best !!!

Have Fun !


Pancham said...

hello swapnil.....i saw ur all photos,really ur a great person.because u r enjoy at every place at every moment of life.