Friday, December 21, 2007

BSNL Bangalore International Marathon 2007

Karnataka Athletic Association hosted the 2007 Bangalore International Marathon on 16 Dec 2007. Title sponsor was BSNL.
The Kenyans were in a class of their own. A sterling performance saw them sweeping the top three spots in the full marathon event.
I also participated in the Half Marathon event and successfully completed within 2 hours and 9 minutes. This event had participation over 900, more than 50% couldn't complete. I finished 181st.
It was Kenyans all the way in Full Marathon event.
Ngira Nyaga took two hours, 22 minutes and 32 seconds to complete the 42.195-km distance, while compatriots Makau Nzioka (2::25:26) and Sua Mutisya (Kenya, 2::31:25) finished second and third respectively. Fantaw Hussen (Ethiopia, 2::32:04) finished fourth, while India’s Munna Mahli (2::35:39) finished fifth and Etiopia’s Kasahun Gebree Gziabher (2::47:0) sixth and last within the prize money bracket.
The Indians fared better in the half marathon with Surender Singh taking the top spot in the men’s section in a time of 1::04:5. Habteselassie Lemma Gemechu (Ethiopia, 1::04:6) and Santosh Kumar (India, 1::05:2) finished second and third respectively.In the women’s half marathon, Kenya’s Agnes (1::11:3) and Pauline (1::12:1) took the first two spots, while Indians Kavitha Raut (1::14:1) and Preethi L Rao (1::18:5) finished third and fourth respectively.

In the full marathon, one has to give it to the Kenyans. Their pace was unbelievable from the word go.
Results:Full marathon (men only): Ngira Nyaga (Kenya, 2::22:32 hours) 1; Makau Nzioka (Kenya, 2::25:26) 2; Sua Mutisya (Kenya, 2::31:25) 3; Fantaw Hussen (Ethiopia, 2::32:04) 4; Munna Mahli (India, 2::35:39) 5; Kasahun Gebree Gziabher (Ethiopia, 2::47:0) 6.Half marathon: Men: Surender Singh (India, 1::04:5) 1; Habteselassie Lemma Gemechu (Ethiopia, 1::04:6) 2; Santosh Kumar (India, 1::05:2) 3; Berhanu Meleyo Kassa (Ethiopia, 1::05:4) 4; Soji Mathew (India, 1::05:5) 5; Zenebe Kasaw Kebret (Ethiopia, 1::06:5) 6.Women: Agnes (Kenya, 1::11:3) 1; Pauline (Kenya, 1::12:1) 2; Kavitha Raut (India, 1::14:1) 3; Preethi L Rao (India, 1::18:5) 4; Vaishali Chatare (India, 1::22:5) 5; K Maheshwari (India, 1::30:5) 6.

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Hi Swapi,
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